There are two sides to every story and this is particularly true in our relationships with our partners. Sometimes in the therapy room, during individual counselling,  we consider what our partner might say about us during their own counselling session.  This is where my interest in couples counselling began.

I have undertaken extensive couples counselling training with Debbie Winterbourne  in London and am fully qualified to help you both, individually and together, look at your relationship from different perspectives and learn to really listen to how the other is feeling.

My aim is to provide you and your partner with a safe, confidential and empathic space to help you explore and progress in your relationship; regardless of age, race, religious beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation. 

Common relationship issues I can work with are:


• Misunderstandings

• Tensions resulting from differences (opinions, preferences, priorities and ways of being)

• Feelings of resentment, anger and anxiety

• Mistrust

• Loss of connection

• Lack of intimacy

• Sexual dissatisfaction

• Infidelity

• Feeling unsafe

• Repeating arguments

• Difficulties with other family members

I can provide support for couples who wish to separate or help those who cannot decide which way to go to find clarity.

For couples in a satisfactory relationship, counselling can help to keep you on track and provide you with greater understanding and fulfilment.

The first step is for you both to come and see me for a half-hour free ‘Meeting’ session so you can decide whether I am the right counsellor for you. If you choose to proceed I will then ask you to both to complete my questionnaire, confidentially, and bring it with you to the next session.  This can also be done by email if this is easier for you.

Please see my 'Costs' page for prices

I look forward to working with you both