My Contract and Promise to my Clients

As a qualified Humanistic and Couples Counsellor I promise to put you at the centre of every counselling session; to hear you, find out what works for you, to always work ethically and to check in regularly with you about how your sessions are feeling for you and if there is anything that is not working. Sessions generally take place weekly but are open to discussion between us. Good time keeping is suggested so as not to miss any part of your time.

1. I hold a confidential space for you other than in the following exceptional circumstances, under which I reserve the right, or may be bound by law, to break confidentiality:

(a) Where I have reason to believe that there is a serious risk of harm to a client or others with whom a client may come into contact. Under these circumstances, I may need to consult a supervisor and/or contact the client’s GP or other health professional. I will always attempt to discuss this with the client beforehand, but under certain circumstances (e.g. where life is at risk) this may not be possible;

(b) Where a client informs me that they were/are involved in, or have information about acts of terrorism, either being planned or which have already taken place, I am legally obliged to inform the police, without giving notice to the client (Terrorism Act 2000, section 38B);

(c) Where the courts or the police order or require the disclosure of information (e.g. where a client has information about the whereabouts of a missing child who is in care – section 50 Children Act 1989), I would need to consider whether breaking confidentiality is required;

(d) Where I receive a specific written request from the client to share information with a named third party (e.g. a legal representative).

2.   If I feel that other support would be more appropriate for you, I reserve the right to bring your counselling sessions to an end to make the necessary arrangements for a referral elsewhere. This will be discussed with you so we can decide together what the best way forward is.

3.   I undertake regular supervision and your sessions may sometimes be discussed with my counselling supervisor, at these times only your first name will be used to keep your anonymity.

4.   Any concessions are to be agreed between us either prior to commencement of sessions or once sessions have begun, if your financial situation changes. 

5.   If I need to cancel a session, I will endeavour to give you at least 24 hours’ notice and no charge will be made.

6.   If you are unable to attend a session, I would appreciate 24 hours’ notice where possible.

7.   If you do not attend for two consecutive sessions without notice you may lose your space.

8.   To get the most from your sessions, I do ask that you do not attend under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

9.   At least two weeks’ notice of termination of sessions is ideally needed to end effectively.

10. I promise to act with integrity if I should see you out in public, and not acknowledge you unless you choose to speak to me.

11. I promise to practice self-care, to take regular breaks and undertake my own counselling on occasion when I feel this is necessary in order to give you my utmost professionally.